Bull:  LLB P99      

Date of Birth: 3/25/04

Birth Wt. 82

Sire: JF Gage L103

Dam: LLB J099


A nice polled purebred bull. Good disposition. Should be a good choice for a variety of cows. We used this bull on five heifers in June.  He should be ready to go. We would like to keep a semen interest in this bull as he is one of only a few polled Gage sons to date.


Bull:  LLB P96      

Date of Birth: 4/27/04

Birth Wt. 86

Sire: JF Gage L103

Dam: LLB K98


A scurred purebred bull. Good disposition. Some like this bull better than P99.




Date of Birth: 6/13/04

Birth Wt. 80

Sire: JF Gage L103

Dam: LLB Misty's Angel ET


A fullblood bull with a good disposition. This is Angel's first calf. He is a little smaller frame than the above bulls but has a lot of thickness and muscle. Has good eye appeal and should be ok on heifers.



Bull LLB P02       

Date of Birth: 9/18/04

Birth Wt. 86

Sire: JF Gage L103

Dam: LLB K02


Just a year old but he is looking good.

Three young prospects.


They are late November and December 2004 calves that we just weaned. Lets keep an eye on them.


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